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Frequently asked questions

 Video files can be uploaded to your dedicated cloud platform account shared by us or alternatively one can upload to their own  Local FTP’s and share the link ATC.

Our team will confirm the receipt of the files immediately to the sender.

Yes, It is highly recommenced to share the classification schemes, movements to be analysed, survey hours etc..

We at ATC commit to submit the data in 24 hours duration from the time of receipt. However, it depends on the video quality and visibility. In such cases same would be shared in 48 hours time.

We submit the data according to the client specific formats at specified intervals and classifications. Alternatively we can also submit the data in ATC format.

We at ATC uses both automatic and manual counting process based on the clients budget and needs.
We at ATC commits 98% of accuracy of the submitted data.
In such situations we will reanalyze the data and re submit the same and shall be at free of cost for the original count too.
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